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Train Your Brain Trading

A simple way to train your brain to trade successfully

About Us
Repetition Is The Mother Of Retention & The Grandmother of - SUCCESS!

Hello!  My name is Seth Gregory.  I have been trading stocks, forex, futures, seth gregory, tradingoptions and commodities for over 20 years.  I often get asked how I can track and trade so many different markets.  I learned a long time ago, that when you find a way to successfully trade 1 market, you can use that trading strategy to trade any market and make money trading them all.  Once you make this connection it will change how you trade for the rest of your life.  

A few words about our program:

The Train Your Brain Trading methodology was developed by Seth Gregory.  Mr. Gregory was one of the first trading mentors on the Internet.  When the technology became available, he was also one of the very first traders to train people all over the world using screen sharing.  Mr. Gregory’s training reached thousands and thousands of traders, many who have become successful and professional traders.  Over the last 15+ years the Trading Your Brain Trading staff have traded all markets using the same methods taught here.

Why the new site and training format?  These past 15+ years have helped the staff to find the simplest way to convey complicated concepts of trading in an easy to follow and simple step by step process that builds your market knowledge, trading knowledge and your chances to succeed in one of the most elusive environments devised by man.  Mr. Gregory also realized that the type of training technology now made possible and that people wanted to use, was not the best format to use to instill trading success.  Of course, that is the value of hindsight.  For several years Mr. Gregory took a break from large scale training and only worked with a few students.  During that time he looked for a training method that met with his philosophy of 'no trader left behind’.  This time he looked for a technical solution that would support the method he was using to successfully train traders.  That solution is what you will find in the Train Your Brain to Trade methodology.

We are about the simple and transparent in trading and marketing on this site.  You will not see huge spammy advertising here pushing you to the 'next more advanced course'.  Many sites push you to the 'advanced' course because it is that course that is going to make you successful, not true.  Our tools are our tools and our trading methods have not changed for years- that alone should give you the confidence.  If you learn what we teach you, years down the road you will be using the same tools and same methods in your successful trading.

The Train Your Brain to Trade training method grows you to become a confident, fearless, self sufficient, successful trading professional.  Look around the website, sign up for the free content and decide whether or not to join a community of like minded traders looking for freedom and independence.  Join people who use trading to live their life, instead of living their life to trade.  We offer plenty of trading education content for free.  Please take a look around the site and notice the quality materials that have been created to help you become the successful trader you have always wanted to be.

We look forward to working with you.

Repetition Is The Mother Of Retention & The Grandmother of - SUCCESS!


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